Annual Giving 2017
250x770pxAnnual Giving

Be a part of our vision for the future.

We aspire to provide our students with learning experiences that are second to none. To continue this into the future is an exciting challenge for The Geelong College. We are working with experts in learning, teaching, construction, design and leadership to understand and address key challenges. Support from the wider Geelong College community is essential to help us realise this aspiration. Your donation, at any level, to one of the below projects will make a real difference.

Geelong College is committed to a thriving future for boarding

Boarding has a great tradition at College. It brings students from country Victoria and New South Wales together with coastal students, International students, and others from Melbourne or Geelong. Boarding is about opportunity, diversity, independence, and is treasured in our community. For boarding to be strong into the future, we need to update our facilities and to develop modern living and learning spaces. We have commenced some significant improvements this year with the support of the Foundation and maintenance budget allocations. There is more for us to do in this area.

Boarding Scholarships

With regional and rural families facing increasing financial pressures, accessing quality education is becoming increasingly difficult for families in the country. Boarding Scholarships help country students to achieve their goals, and support county communities and their ties to the College.

Learning Outdoors

Genuine outdoor learning experiences, which take students out of their comfort zone and teach them practical life skills, are important. In 2014 The Geelong College purchased a wonderful property at Cape Otway. This property is used for camps and excursions, but needs environmentally sensitive development for it to become a key learning space for all ages. We have embarked on significant infrastructure developments at Cape Otway over the past 12 months and have committed, in the Capital Master Plan, to continue this development over the next three years.

Indigenous Scholarship Fund

The College has a history of supporting Indigenous Australians in partnership with the Smith Family. Living and learning at College is an incredible opportunity for the scholarship holders and the College community also benefits from cultural and social learning. To best support our young Indigenous students we need to develop the learning and integration program, and to expand the opportunities for cultural exchange.

The Foundation for the Future

The Geelong College Foundation and The Geelong College work hand in hand to fund the College’s facility development. With significant projects such as the new Campbell House (Junior School) precinct eminent, the Foundation needs continued support. The projects next in line include a new library centre and a gymnasium at the Senior School.

Please consider giving to one of these key projects, and being a part of Geelong College’s vision for the future. This is an exciting time for the College community and any support will be greatly appreciated as we seek to advance opportunities for our students.

250x770pxAnnual Giving
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