Annual Giving 2018

Give to your community.

Last year the College community contributed over $80,000 to help us to complete works at our Cape Otway Campus, in the Boarding Houses and to offer financial assistance to students who would otherwise be unable to attend the College. We thank you for your generous support and ask you to consider helping us again by donating to one of these projects in 2018.

Cloisters…the Heart of our College

Over our senior years at The Geelong College we have all loved learning in the Cloisters classrooms surrounded by the history that is the DNA of our school. The harsh reality is that the passage time, coupled with a few thousand students, have seen the Cloisters classrooms become tired, and they are now in real need of refurbishment to remain the thriving learning heart of the College. Working in precious heritage spaces is always challenging. The College estimates that an investment of $45,000 per classroom will see these spaces beautifully upgraded with new lighting, carpet, heating and cooling, paint and fittings and fixtures.

Mim and lach cloisters

Introducing Pegasus – Equity Scholarship Program

We are passionate about supporting good and worthy students who cannot afford the fees to be able to share the wonderful experience offered at the College. This year The Geelong College will introduce the “Pegasus scholarships.” This program has been specifically designed to assist young people who could not otherwise afford to come to the College. We hope to raise a significant sum to provide fee relief for such students. Your gift will make a real difference to the life of these students who can then contribute so much to the College and to society.

peg scholarhsips

A first-class welcome to Mackie

Inspired by what was achieved earlier this year with the kitchen and living spaces, we would dearly like your help to leave a legacy that would improve the Mackie experience for students, staff and parents. Mackie is a warm, friendly and well run boarding house, but sadly our current reception area and duty office are dark, dated and dull. There is no suitable space for parents to meet with staff or their sons in a private setting.  Our dream to completely overhaul this area.

Mackie Project

Help for Regional and Rural Boarders

At Geelong College, we pride ourselves in our support for regional and rural families. We know times are still challenging in many country areas and accessing quality education is difficult for a lot of regional and rural families. The cost of boarding at College is prohibitive for some families now, ending family traditions and limiting opportunities. Last year with your generous donations and College funds, the College gifted five bursaries to regional and rural boarding families to assist them to join The Geelong College community. We know there are still many families who would love to continue their family tradition at College or begin one, but simply can’t for financial reasons.  Our vision this year is to offer 10 boarding bursaries to boys and girls from Years 9 to 11 beginning their time at College.

Regional boarders

Please give to your community

Please consider giving to one of these key projects you gift, of any size will be greatly appreciated and will help the College to upgrade important facilities and offer opportunities to live and learn at The Geelong College.

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