How We Help The College

The Geelong College Foundation has contributed to the following projects, and many more, which have resulted in new and improved learning opportunities for students and staff:

  • Contribution to the development of the Recreation Centre at the Senior School campus
  • Contribution to major upgrades to the 'Mokboree' Otway campus, College ovals and the Austin Gray courtyard.
  • A Sesquicentenary Gift to the College, enabling refurbishment of the tennis courts at the Preparatory School.
  • Numerous scholarships assist families with a demonstrated need to enable their children to attend the school.
  • Sponsorship of the annual Foundation Concert, a celebrated musical event on the College's calendar.
  • Financial support of the College's Annual Campaign.
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Foundation Concert
  • Lambis Engelzos and Rob Wells (5)
  • James Affleck, Joyce Taylor, Lambis Engelzos, Sandy Hutton
  • Lambis Engelzos and Rob Wells (1)
  • Rob Wells, Terry Egan, Jean Fairnie, John Fairnie
  • Peter Fenwick and Robert Ingpen
  • Alex and Ann Sloane, and Catherine Gray
  • Carol and Cam Emerson
  • David Hardy, Jim Wilson, Tim Dennis
  • DSC_6492
Foundation​ Lunch with Lambis Engelzos
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