Our Community

The Geelong College has a tradition of strong community spirit that goes back to the founding of the College in 1861.

We have various community groups within the College, including Parents Associations, Old Geelong Collegians, the College Foundation and Friends of the Enviro Garden.

The College is also active in the local Geelong community. Other schools and families are invited to learn at the College through the Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation, The Recreation Centre, Outside School Hours Care and special events.

We also share learning, time, care and resources with many local and International causes.

We hope that being a part of the College brings a sense of belonging to a worthwhile, dynamic and inclusive community that values best practice education and lifelong learning.

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Boarders' family day
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Cobbers' function - Torquay
  • Natalie Dorron & Peter Miller
  • Nicole Anastos, Dave Van Elst & Matilda Van Elst
  • Peter Miller & Carli Roulston
  • Julie Bickett & Anita Noonan
  • Lia Neate, Rachael Taylor &  Bec Hanegraaf
  • Nick Agar with Amelio & Edward Roydhouse
Junior School Welcome
  • Katherine Landy & Lauren Jilich
  • Tom Nice, Jayson Lloyd & Matisse Chambers
  • Tom Steinfort & Campbell Sutherland
  • Alex Stanley & John Bailey
  • Amanda May, Nell Golden, Kate Boyle & Alice Crowley
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  • DSC_4666
  • Fleur Palensky & Rob Kayler-Thompson
  • Fleur Palensky, Surene Yee, Ashley Mah, Jiah Lit Ho, Jeremy Woolman & Alexander Lau
  • Jeremy Woolman & Holly Richardson
  • John Bailey, Sophie Jarrold, Megan Hough & Alex Stanley
  • John Heard & Ben Fagan
  • Milla Mihailova, Lachlan Fraser, James & Tamara Osborne
  • Mitch Costin & Steve Lidgerwood
  • Nell Golden, Natasha Britt & Charlotte Hart
  • Sophie Mackenzie, Stacey Taylor & Dave Waterhouse
  • Kristen Battye, Margot Lowther, Anna Rhodes, Sal Cameron, Matt Maurer & Annie Peake
10 Year Reunion
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