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From time to time it is necessary for The College to publically place correspondence to the community. Letters to the community and the like an be found here.

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The letter below was mailed to our community in February 2017 and addresses our response to the media regarding the conduct of Robert Doyle while a membe of teaching staff at the College and our ongoing commitment to outreach and the support of victims of abuse. The letter is available to download from the right hand column. 

9 February 2018

Dear Old Collegians

On Thursday 8 February The Geelong College was approached by the media regarding the conduct of Mr Robert Doyle whilst a member of teaching staff at the College. We provided the following response to the media’s questions:

  • ­Is The Geelong College investigating allegations of misconduct and sexual harassment-type allegations involving Robert Doyle?

“The Geelong College has provided information to SANO in December 2015 who will determine whether an official investigation is warranted. The school does not intend to conduct its own investigation.”

  • ­Has The Geelong College been informed about allegations of misconduct and sexual harassment-type allegations involving Robert Doyle?

“Two former students contacted The Geelong College through our independent facilitator, informing us of their personal experiences of questionable behaviour by Robert Doyle while he was a teacher at the school. The school provided that information to the police.”

  • ­Anything else you want to add?

“I would add that The Geelong College's key concern is about the well-being of current and former students and we will continue to support and care for the students that came forward.”

As you know from earlier correspondence, former students and members of the community have been offered support including counselling and assistance to report abuse to authorities, as well as discussions about redress. Resulting from this, the names of alleged perpetrators have been passed on to Police.

Our Reach Out Program is ongoing, and we continue to encourage Old Collegians with concerns to contact our independent facilitator on 1800 260 038. Calls may be made anonymously if you wish. We also encourage anyone with knowledge of such offences to report this to police at the Geelong Sexual Offence and Child Abuse Investigations Team on (03) 5223 7200.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hugh Seward - Chair of the Geelong College Council                              
Dr. Peter Miller - Principal
Mr. David Waterhouse - President of the OGCA

*Old Collegians were emailed correspondence on 9 February. If you did not receive the email or letter please update your details with us at: