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From time to time it is necessary for The College to publically place correspondence to the community.Letters to the community and the like an be found here.

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The letter below was mailed to our community in October 2016 and addresses our ongoing commitment to outreach and the support of victims of abuse. We continue to encourage any victim of abuse during their time at the College, or anyone who has information about these issues to come forward. The letter is available to download from the right hand column. 

Monday, 3 October 2016

Dear Old Collegians,

Last year The Geelong College implemented the Outreach Program to provide an independent contact point and support for Old Collegians who had knowledge of, or were impacted by sexual abuse during their time as students of The Geelong College. The purpose of this letter is to update you on matters related to the issue of historical sexual abuse, and recent developments.

In May of this year, a former employee of the school was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment for sex abuse crimes committed while working elsewhere. His name is not published here only because we are concerned not to prejudice any other investigations that may have arisen. However, if it may assist you to know more, please feel welcome to make a confidential call to our independent facilitator on 1800 260 038. Calls may be made anonymously if you wish.

The Geelong College encourages any other victims struggling with the continuing effects of abuse to report their concerns, and again offer our independent facilitator as a confidential point of contact so that support can be provided. We also encourage anyone with knowledge of such offences to report this to Police at Geelong Sexual Offence and Child Abuse Investigations Team by calling (03) 5223 7200. If undecided whether to report or not, a “no-obligation” discussion with these experienced police officers is likely to provide valuable assistance.

Since our Outreach Program began we have been contacted by a number of Old Collegians, some who attended our school as long as 60 years ago, notifying the College of suffering abuse, or expressing concern that other students may have been abused. They have been offered support including counselling and assistance to report abuse to authorities, as well as discussions about redress. Resulting from this, the names of alleged perpetrators have been passed on to Police. Our Outreach Program is continuing and we encourage Old Collegians with concerns to contact our independent facilitator on 1800 260 038. Counselling can be tailored as would be most suitable, for example, by phone or directly.  We are interested to learn of meaningful and respectful ways to support abuse victims, for example, meeting with Council Members or the school leadership, or personally hearing the views and support of current students. Our independent facilitator can also independently link Old Collegians to advice about their legal options.

The current students of The Geelong College have expressed their concern for the victims of the past at our school and commenced our “Loud Fence” on the corner of Aphrasia and Talbot Streets in July. This student initiative is in accord with a movement that began in Ballarat and has spread internationally. The College Council, Principal, staff and Old Collegians’ Association have supported the students with the Loud Fence. The ribbons will remain on the fence for another couple of weeks and then be made into a permanent memorial to be located in the College Chapel.

We assure you that The Geelong College now provides a far safer environment for students than in the past when abuse occurred here. We have expert guidance and strong policies in place, and specific staff training as part of instilling a culture of awareness, alertness, disclosure, care and concern in order to ensure prevention and, if necessary, action.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hugh Seward - Chair of the Geelong College Council                              
Dr. Peter Miller - Principal
Mr. David Waterhouse - President of the OGCA

*Old Collegians were emailed correspondence on Monday 3 October and mailed later that week. If you did not receive the email or letter please update your details with us at: