Friends of Enviro Garden
Friends of Enviro

The Enviro Garden is an integral and celebrated part of the Geelong College journey. Through the Enviro program and in the Enviro garden many of our students and their families have learned about the joys of growing your own food, and become champions of the environment and sustainability.

The aims of the 'Friends' program are:

  • To support and celebrate the Enviro Garden and associated learning programs.
  • To recognise and honour the heritage of the Enviro Garden whilst ensuring its sustainability and future growth.
  • To provide an ongoing connection for current and past Year 4 Geelong College students to the garden, enabling the enjoyment and gardening skills to be widely shared.

The 'Friends of the Enviro Garden' will enjoy providing support in any capacity; a friendly visit and cuppa, volunteering, sharing knowledge, donations or project assistance, to the learning the Enviro Garden generates within year 4 and beyond at The Geelong College. Such a group of interested and enthusiastic 'Friends' will have a long lasting impact on students and the wider school community as well as the garden itself.

The Geelong College invites all past students, parents, grandparents and friends to become a member of the 'Friends of the Enviro Garden.' Please express your interest by emailing the Friends Liaison Coordinator at f​

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