Parent Associations
Parent Associations

Parents are encouraged to make an active contribution to the school community through involvement in class activities, school productions, support groups and parent associations.

The Senior School Parent Association and Preparatory School Parents Association (Middle and Junior Schools) help to facilitate this involvement and to support and promote the College, its objectives, philosophies and values.

Throughout the school year both Parent Associations host a number of College events, providing the opportunity for parents to meet and socialise in the College environment.

In addition to the Parent Associations there are Parent Support Groups for music, drama and various sports that encourage parents’ involvement and support for these activities. These groups raise funds, host social events and support the students and teachers, they are an excellent way to make new friends and to learn about the activities your child is passionate about.

We welcome and encourage all parents to contribute to College life.

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Year 7 Parent Dinner
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Middle School Welcome
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Senior School Welcome
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Year 9 Parent Dinner
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