Early Learning
Early Learning

In their Early Learning years children are encouraged to be curious in their learning, to ask questions and explore answers through a range of activities based on the world renowned Reggio Emilia philosophy.

Early Learning is a caring environment with highly qualified staff and generous staff-to-child ratios. Children are grouped into four classes; two classes for three to four year olds (Early Learning 3) and two classes for four to five year olds (Early Learning 4). Children generally commence at the beginning of the school year, but children may join the Early Learning 3 class throughout the year, once they have turned three.

Class sizes are purposely kept small to allow teachers to maintain genuine relationships with each child, and for children to develop socially and emotionally within a supportive environment. Children usually attend Early Learning for two or three years before starting Prep.

Children’s interests drive the curriculum, and teachers and children develop projects together which incorporate all aspects of children’s learning. Creative arts, science, early literacy and numeracy are all embedded in the play based program.

Beautiful displays of children's words, drawings and photographs are a feature of each classroom. This documentation makes learning visible for the children, creates a sense of belonging in the space, and invites children, parents and teachers to revisit and reflect on the work, stories and projects as they go about their daily activities.

The partnership between parents and the College is highly valued, and trust is built through regular meetings and parent participation in our programs. Special occasions such as Mother’s and Father’s Day are celebrated, and parents are encouraged to be involved with activities and excursions. Our Early Learners regularly interact with students from Junior, Middle and Senior Schools, and visit both campuses to use sports facilities and explore the whole College.

Each Early Learning class has their own indoor and outdoor play space, but there are also many opportunities for shared learning between classes within the purpose-built, spacious Early Learning environment and in other sections of the school. Children can see and experience their future learning at school, and easily access outstanding Music and Physical Education facilities. Library sessions are also enjoyed weekly when children can explore the beautiful Campbell House Library and the huge range of books for young readers, guided by specialist staff. Outdoor learning is an important feature of our program, allowing children to learn to appreciate nature and care for our environment. They access the many natural environments around the school, as well as regular visits to Bush Kinder.

Geelong College Early Learners have priority entry into Prep.

I love planting strawberries in our playground.                                             Lottie

I like to play in the doctors and I fix all the baby dolls.                                   Charlotte

We jump off the plank and we hang onto the bars and it’s really fun!                Finn

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