Junior School
Junior School

The Geelong College Junior School, at Campbell House, is a dynamic community for students from Early Learning to Year 3, where they are encouraged to grow and explore learning in a Reggio Emilia inspired program.

The classrooms are energetic, colourful and often noisy, with groups of children engaging in different activities as they help direct their own learning through investigations. Their ideas and interests are recognised, and hand in hand with the curriculum, they are used to stimulate discussions or projects. 

Campell House is a warm village-like space that has been designed to be open and welcoming, and to ease the transition from home to school. It is full of student work, from art to maths projects, and science experiments to poems, this makes learning visible, helps children learn from each other, and discover the world from a number of perspectives.

When children first enter the Junior School they learn the language of learning, and explore what productive learning feels, sounds and looks like. The children discuss problems, ask questions and learn how to learn. This extends knowledge, develops new skills and teaches persistence. The culture of thinking and learning comes to life when the children grapple with big understandings and essential questions that add to their knowledge of the world.

Students also learn to lead their own learning, setting goals and reflecting on their work and the work others. Learning conferences for teachers and families are led by students, offering the opportunity for students to show and explain their learning. These conferences help to deepen students' level of understanding about their own learning, and help families gain a real insight into the changes and development of their child.

Learning at Junior School is ‘serious fun!’ This approach to educating young minds inspires natural curiosity, good communication and a lifelong love of learning, helping to sustain students through their schooling and beyond.

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Early Learning Yoga
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Swimming Carnival
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Bookweek Parade

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