Prep to Year 3
Prep to Year 3

Prep to Year 3

Prep to Year 3 children enjoy a program inspired by the Reggio Emilia Philosophy, learning how to learn, and how to take responsibility for their own learning. Students and teachers work together to investigate topics of interest and share their developing understandings with each other and the school community.

There is a strong focus on numeracy and literacy, learning these core subjects at the beginning of the day when minds are fresh, and consolidating them through ongoing investigations, and in specialist areas such as Library, Science, Languages, Music, Physical Education and the Arts. With this experiential approach, children can see their learning in action which embeds knowledge deeply and develops confidence.

For children to reach their full potential they must feel supported, valued and safe. Teachers work closely with the children and nurture their social and emotional needs with the utmost care. Small classes ensure teachers understand the needs of each child, and how they are progressing socially, emotionally and academically. Programs and activities are constantly evolving to support students’ development and interests.

Junior School is an environment where learning is shared and celebrated in displays, assemblies and performances. In class this occurs when feedback on progress towards learning goals is shared between students, teachers and peers. Students are also challenged to reflect independently and suggest improvements for learning based on their own goals. This is a consultative process always involving teachers and often parents. This self-direction is extended in the Junior School play spaces, which include a cubby area where the children design and build their own cubbies with natural materials. The Campbell House Library is another place where young children can spend time relaxing and learning about topics of interest to them or losing themselves in a story.

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