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Helping young people to learn about, and make decisions for, a productive and successful future is a key part of learning at The Geelong College. With most young people likely to be employed in careers that don’t currently exist, to have multiple career paths in their working lives, and to live and work internationally, futures education that encourages students to learn about themselves and their passions is a must.

Students, from their Middle School years, develop a genuine sense of navigating their own learning journey through independent learning projects, regular self-awareness and reflection activities, and leading their assessment and reporting. As they mature and begin to consider subject selection, further study and career pathways, the confidence, independence and self-motivation they have developed is harnessed to help them understand and make well informed decisions.

In Years 9 and 10 students prepare to begin their VCE program and broader career planning, developling skills such as resume writing and interview preparation. Personal learning styles, passions and strengths start to align with subject selection and pathway conversations to inform subject choices and future plans. Through the Careers Expo, careers assessment programs, futures interviews and counselling, students are often excited and challenged by the decisions they are making.

In Year 11 the focus is on reflection and review, and in some instances, change. Students, now immersed in their VCE, are focussed on their futures. Some have strong ideas about their path, where others choose a broader selection of subjects to give them flexibility and a wide variety of skills. During this intense period, students are supported to make decisions based on their goals, reflection and what they enjoy. They are also encouraged to understand that the learning and research process is a key skill they will need in their future, and that while specific subject choices are important, they are not the only learning that is valued.

The final year of school is critical in futures planning. Again students are supported and encouraged to explore their options and to be excited about the huge range of possibilities on offer. Regular interviews and counselling throughout the year assists students to have clear plans in place, and to look at their options objectively and realistically.

Parents too play a key role in our futures education program, learning to assist their children navigate their futures through regular meetings with their children and staff, and by participating in careers and further study events.

The essence of futures education is to prepare young people for a successful future in which they can make a contribution to the community, and live a happy and productive life. Our futures education program includes life skills such as living away from home and basic finances, as well as community service and volunteering.

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