Year 4
Year 4

The Enviro year holds a special place in the educational experience offered by The Geelong College. The rich context of the immediate environment, including the Barwon River and a beautiful and productive food garden, provides endless opportunities to engage in meaningful learning in all areas of the curriculum.

Tactile outdoor experience develops empathy and builds respect for the magnificent natural diversity of life on earth. Working in, and cooking and eating from the garden, allows children to learn important life lessons about sustainability, good food and good health.

The overarching question, “How will we create our best tomorrow?” guides personal and academic development, guiding students' to consider their place in the world and how they can best care for it.

In Year 4 the rich natural environment provides a springboard for meaningful writing, reading and mathematical tasks.

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Year 4 at Mt Rothwell
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Pot to Plate Celebration
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