Year 6
Year 6

In Year 6, students learn in an open environment equipped with a range of current technologies to support and share their learning. Students develop skills to make and understand media, ranging from traditional forms such as film, photography, websites, newspapers, magazines, comics, radio and television, to new and emerging multimedia technologies like games, apps, multicasting and social media. They consider how people, events and issues are represented, and create, produce and present their own works using media of their choice to express their ideas.

Throughout Year 6 students explore driving questions like:

  • How can media support my learning and understanding of the world?
  • How does technology change thinking?
  • How can I use media to communicate knowledge and express my ideas?
  • Why is digital storytelling important, and how can it be used to convey a message?

Students learn how to create and communicate with different technologies for various audiences, and develop the skills and attitudes necessary for them to become responsible Digital Citizens. There is an expectation that students will be active learners, encouraged to seek information, to question, to take risks, to solve problems, to make decisions, and to be responsible for their own learning. They will be active members of local and global communities as they develop personal awareness, critical thinking skills and the ability to act ethically and responsibly.

Year 6 Camp
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Preparing for Ted Talks
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Story Expo
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