Airshow Action a Treat for College Students

A number of students from Years 10 to 12 had the opportunity to take part in the Education Information Day at the 2017 Avalon Airshow.

Students from across Victoria were treated to talks and presentations from a range of people who work in the aviation industry. Fighter pilots, helicopter pilots, engineers and aircraft designers, right through to those who program the aircraft management systems used in control towers were but a few who shared their knowledge and enthusiasm for this rapidly growing and vibrant industry. The students and teachers alike were clearly impressed with the width and breadth of the career opportunities available for young, enthusiastic students.

Following the presentations, our students were fortunate to be given a personalised two-hour tour of some of the key exhibits that make this airshow a world-class event.

The day concluded with an entertaining session which saw the students lounging on the grass with a late lunch and being treated to some truly impressive aerobatics. The RAAF’s F-18 was put through its paces in the skies above. The speed, sounds and heights – all at the command of pilots Snake Eye and Beef Cake – were unlike anything we’d ever seen, heard or felt. The trip back to College in the 12-seater bus with Mr Morgan at the wheel seemed sedentary at best!

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