Year 5s Driven to Learn about Woodworking

Today (Monday 20 March) we were lucky to have a popular woodworker come and teach us a few of his many skills in wood. His name is Anatoli, and he visits schools to teach students about wood. Anatoli also runs workshops for kids. He has a set of safety rules, and to sum the rules up is pretty much to use your common sense around dangerous tools.

We were allowed to use tools such as a coping saw, which is a saw for finer pieces of wood and is much easier to manoeuvre to do curves. We used a hammer and nails and also sandpaper to build a car of our choice. We were then told to choose a character/driver to go in our car, and I chose a doctor. Once I had sawed my outline, I then drew a sketch of my imagined doctor.

I learnt that to saw, I need to do long and slow strokes with little pressure. I now know how delicate woodwork can be, and how precise you need to be to stay on the lines. I found it easier to do physical work, rather than just listening to a teacher try and explain what would happen.

Each car has a friction motor. We will be learning about friction motors in the next few days. We are also hoping to paint our cars soon.

Poppy Flanagan
5C student

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