Visitors & Students Share Sustainability Tips

On Tuesday 16 May, we were lucky enough to have 25 sustainability leaders from St Joseph’s College visit The Geelong College. They met with our SRC leaders to share their journey so far and to inspire us with some wonderful practices that we could implement. The sustainability leaders then went up to the Enviro, where the Year 4 students gave them a tour and explained the amazing program they are involved with.

Here are some reflections from some of our students:

On Tuesday the 16th, the St Joseph’s Sustainability Leaders came down and gave an environmental presentation to the SRC leaders. We gained a lot from this experience. We learned how St Joseph’s incorporates recycling and reusing into their curriculum and day-to-day life. We met with them because what they do fits with our theme for this term, which is the environment. We focus only on one theme a term, raise awareness for it and promote positive changes. I personally learned a lot, in particular what we as a school and community can do, as well as things such as recycling and reusing and refusing. It inspired me and the other SRC representatives to do more and work hard to really promote the environment and what we can do to help it. 
Archer Drummond, SRC Captain

Year 4:
We really enjoyed the visit from the St Joseph’s Student Enviro Committee. They came to our garden for a tour of our learning. They wanted to see our garden because they want to develop some gardens at St Joseph's. Our job was to tour our guests through our garden and talk about it and especially to focus on what we are learning.

Emma – At first our guest didn’t seem that interested in what we were talking about but once we got into it, he really started listening, asking lots of questions and connecting with our facilities. He said, “I have a really big heart for environmental things and for animals".

Thavinsa – When we first met I didn’t think that my partner and I would have a lot to say, and I didn’t really have a lot of confidence that I would do a good job. I wasn’t sure that I had prepared myself well enough. As I started talking, I found that I had lots to say – and the more I said, the more confident I became. I really surprised myself. Our guest asked a lot of questions and he wanted to see the whole garden. I like the Enviro garden and it seemed like he liked it to.

Xavier – Doing this tour has made me think that it is much easier than I thought it would be to take a tour. I talked best about our new frog pond which is one of my favourite places in the whole garden. I explained the whole process of how we made it and how we dug it out and waterproofed it and put in plants and places to hide for the frogs. He really liked the indigenous garden and the guinea pigs.

Lucas – It was really nice having them over because it helped us reflect on our learning and our experiences in the last term and a half. I found out that I am not a bad public speaker and with a bit of preparation you can do really well. Our guest loved the chickens and the guinea pigs and he asked lots of questions. 

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