Volunteers Help Region's Children 'Eat Up'

The Geelong College has hosted Geelong's first Eat Up sandwich-making workshop to help feed children in the region who go to school hungry.

One in eight students arrive at school each day hungry and many are without any food for the day. Without food, their concentration and wellbeing are compromised, which means learning is compromised, which in turn compromises their future. And for these children, this is through no fault of their own.  

From now on, the College hopes to improve this situation for children in the Geelong region by providing lunch, so they won’t go hungry. Founder of Eat Up Australia Lyndon Galea hosted Geelong’s first sandwich-making session with parents at The Geelong College and delivered about 700 sandwiches to participating schools in the Geelong region.  

Lyndon formed Eat Up after reading a newspaper report four years ago about children in his hometown, Shepparton, going hungry in class. Within weeks, he and some mates, at their own expense, were making Vegemite and cheese sandwiches at home and delivering them to two south Shepparton primary schools. Four years later, the volunteer-run service distributes more than 80,000 sandwiches to 150+ schools each year.

Eat Up runs fortnightly or monthly sessions making Cheese or Vegemite sandwiches that are then delivered to participating schools and stored in freezers until required, as well as fresh fruit, fruit cups and muesli bars provided by Second Bite, SPC and Joy Foods. Other items required to host each session are also donated. 

The College is looking to organise more sandwich-making events with Eat Up in the future, bringing together our community of teachers, students, parents, grandparents and community volunteers who are willing to lend a hand.

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