Choice Day a Hit at Middle School

On Friday 18 August the Year 4, 5 and 6 students participated in a cross-age workshop for Choice Day.

Teachers from across Junior School and Middle School offered a variety of activities such as yoga, drama, knitting, photography and cooking. The wet weather impacted some sessions but the students demonstrated adaptability and resilience and enjoyed the event. Some students such as Maya from Year 6, were able to use the rain to their advantage and take some amazing photos (see above for Maya’s photo of an orange flower). 

When asked about Choice Day, Lachlan Mitchell (Year 5) said: “I learnt about framing and to take photos from different angles. You can get down on the ground or go up high. With photography you need to move around to get better photos. Choice Day is good because you get learn about different things that you might not have had a chance to do.” 

Sophie Veenstra from Year 5 was in the cooking group and enjoyed being able to participate in an activity which she loved last year while in Enviro. She said Choice Day was great because she could try different things and work with students from other year levels. 

Fellow Year 5 student Abby Bowyer said she thought Choice Day was a fun and exciting activity to have on a Friday. "It is nice to be able to choose to do different things and it helps you to get to know other kids from different year levels," she said. Abby said she was eager to practise the new skills she learnt at the Jump Rope for Heart workshop; she also enjoyed working with other students and thought it was interesting to see how many people had a talent for skipping.

Claire Bartlett
Year 456 Coordinator

Social Media