Our Trip to Bunnings

On Tuesday morning, all EL3A children hopped on the school bus and headed to Bunnings.

It was a much-anticipated excursion. We have been looking at tools and what jobs they do.

This has led to our project of building our rabbit, Flopsy, a new house. We have been busy designing what we think would be a good cage for Flopsy. The children decided she needed some walls, a mud pit, windows, a door, a bed and maybe a swimming pool!

Therefore, we went to Bunnings to get all the materials needed to build a new rabbit hutch (or should I say castle!). While at Bunnings we were able to paint our own birdhouses, enjoy a hot chocolate, devour a tool cookie, play in the playground, find Flopsy a new home, wander around and buy some new tools to help us with the build.

Stay tuned for more updates on Flopsy’s new home. Now the build begins!

Archer: Wow, this is amazing.
Joyce: This is my grandpa’s tool shop.
Willow: I love the hot chocolate.
Brydie: My mummy came.
Auggie: We saw a nail gun.
Phoebe: We found some signs.
Ahmed: We had tool cookies.
Madison: We found lots of tools.
Jed: I love my birdhouse.

Rebecca Kelly

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