Students Showcase Work at Conference

Showcasing student work allows for authentic reflection and understanding of particular areas of study. Four students, Mia Collicoat (Year 6), Keera Beasley (Year 6), Sienna McDougall (Year 5) and Sophie Roderick (Year 5), attended the "Improving STEM Education" Conference in Melbourne to display their Lego robotics work for a range of Principals and Leading Teachers from across Australia.

All of these educators come from schools who have a particular focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning. The girls displayed the process for which they have learnt about robotics across the curriculum. Their depth of understanding and articulation of learning impressed those who came to discuss the projects. 

Mia, Keera, Sienna and Sophie explained their learning to such a degree that many of the educators requested on-the-spot demonstrations and ideas that could be taken back and used in the schools they work in. All the girls gave many suggestions, prompting great discussion.

Congratulations must go to Mia, Keera, Sienna and Sophie as they represented themselves and their school confidently and they have now provided a spark for other teachers and students across Australia in the field of robotics.

James Colbert
Year 5 Learning Mentor

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