Year 5s Get Marbles Rolling with Preps

The Prep classes visited Middle School to work with the Year 5s on Thursday 31 August. They worked with a buddy to make a marble roller out of a cereal box and masking tape.

The Preps have been learning about shapes and were able to talk about the shapes they were using and explore why some shapes roll and others don’t. The aim was to make the slowest marble run and they had a lot of fun testing their machines.

When asked about why the younger students should explore these types of activities, James Colbert said, “children have an amazing capacity for intensity”.

Zarli Mathews from Prep B was excited to share her marble roller: “If you work together with your buddy, it goes really good,” Zarli said. Chloe Aucote from 5B said she enjoyed working with her buddy Gemima Gorell and showing her what she had learnt in Year 5.

Oliver Abraham (Prep B) said: “We accidentally made it go too fast, so we are changing it to go slower. I like working with my buddy.”

Saul High from 5A also enjoyed working with the Preps. “It has been really fun, I like working with the younger kids and I would like to do it more," Saul said.

This cross-age activity promoted creativity, communication, problem-solving, persistence and collaboration. It is fair to say that fun was had by all!

Claire Bartlett
Year 4 5 6 Coordinator

Social Media