Staff and Parents Make 800 Sandwiches

The Geelong College staff and parents have made 800 sandwiches in two hours in today's Eat Up volunteering sessions.

The sandwich-making morning on Thursday 31 August began with a session for staff at 8am, followed by a session for parents at 9am. It was great to see the Junior School Community Room full of volunteers buttering bread, wrapping sandwiches, packing and labelling them as cheese or Vegemite sandwiches, and sharing some good conversations about food security in the Geelong region.

After the workshops, the sandwiches were delivered to 10 Geelong schools for children who arrive to school without food from home, or who are not always fed at home.

Thank you to all the staff, parents and community members who joined in today's session, which is the second time the College has hosted Eat Up Australia. Organisers are planning for the next Eat Up volunteering session to be held early in Term 4 at Senior School; we will share the details when they are confirmed.

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