Thursday Thrills at Year 9 City Week

Superb spring weather with clear blue skies greeted the Year 9s in Melbourne today. Students have continued to delve deeper into their selected areas of interest while experiencing daily life in the city!

  • English students attended a session with renowned author John Marsden at the Melbourne Writers Festival; 
  • Science students developed their keyhole surgery skills at the Australasian College of Surgeons;
  • Geography students gained a deeper understanding of the role of the Big Issue publication in helping those in need;
  • The Physical Education group learnt about elite performance at the Victorian Institute of Sport; 
  • Our young historians continued developing their walking tour guides on a particular theme; 
  • Performing Arts students experienced an improvisation and acting workshop with "Make a Scene";
  • The Art and Design group used real-life city experiences to collect visual research and design a brief set by current RMIT design students including OGC Gracie Forshaw. 

Debbie Filling

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