Year 4s Visit Magnificent Mt Rothwell

All the Year 4s went on an excursion to Mt Rothwell in Little River last Thursday, 31 August.

We painted the landscapes with Sue Anderson. We looked for scats, tracks and traces to see if we could work out what animals were there. We learnt about the fence that keeps out rabbits, foxes, dogs and cats. We improved the grasslands by removing cape weed, which is an introduced plant that takes over the indigenous grasses.

We went on a rock-wallaby walk and saw some endangered brush-tailed rock-wallabies. We also went on a night walk and saw wallabies, bandicoots, quolls, owls, bettongs and a ring-tailed possum.

Mt Rothwell is like the You Yangs because it was also made millions of years ago, of slowly cooled lava, which becomes granite. At Mt Rothwell, they are looking after endangered local animals and breeding them so one day they can release them into the wild.

I thought it was a good experience to see such cool and endangered animals at night. I thought Mt Rothwell looked nothing like what you or I would call home and yet the landscape there might help us understand what this land that we now live on, once looked like.

Eve Shing and Ben Hunter
Year 4 students

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