CLRI: Modern Love: Adolescents & Relationships

On Tuesday 10 October, the Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation hosted Jenny Walsh. Jenny is a consultant and current Visiting Fellow of the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University.

Aligning strongly with our TripleR program, Jenny gave a presentation to our teaching staff and then to our parent community focusing on understanding healthy sexual development, sexual consent, sexting and strategies for laying the foundations for ethical relationships. Jenny covered questions like,

What does the research tell us about raising a sexually healthy child? What do girls and boys need to learn? How do we teach children positive values about caring, love and sexuality, and how and when do we start?

This session was well attended and participants found it to be engaging, honest and practical, with many of the resources shared during the sessions available from Jenny’s website.

Adrian Camm
Director of Teaching and Learning 

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