OGCs Return to Help Aspiring Med Students

Four recent Geelong College graduates came back to their old school on Thursday 23 November to pass on some tips to current Year 12s hoping to study medicine at university.

Old Collegians Reilly Eddy, Matthew Jackman and Alex West (OGC 2016) and Jemima Hutchins (OGC 2015) presented at a Medicine Forum organised by the College's Careers Department.

Gaining entry into university medicine courses is a rigorous and highly competitive process, involving extra exams (UMAT) and interviews. Not only do students have to achieve high academic marks, they must also present well in the interview.

The aim of today's forum was for the past students to share their experiences from their admissions interviews. We hope that it has given our current Year 12 students plenty of confidence, with interviews scheduled to begin within the next week.

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