Gridiron Talent Set to Tackle the US System

Year 11 student Euan Spikers is about to embark on a dream to play gridiron in the United States. 

Euan joined the Geelong Buccaneers in the Victorian Gridiron league two years ago and in the next couple of weeks, he will head off to the US to play the game he loves.

“As of my first game I loved the sport and trained hard to see what I could do. Therefore I got better with each training session and every game got better and better. Mainly the love of the sport made me want to take it to the highest level,” Euan said.

After one year Euan was winning praise from coaches and teammates, and played some games for the senior team. Euan is particularly grateful for the support and encouragement of his Colts coach Michael Khair.

Gridiron, as it is known outside of the US, is a structured game divided into offence, defence and special teams. Players are usually designated set positions in one of those three areas. Euan has excelled playing in all facets of the game.

“I was a running back, this position is where you stand behind the quarterback and the ball is given to you,” he said. Euan also excelled as a free safety – “it is the last line of defence, you stand in the centre on the field 15 yards from the offensive line".

Special teams is an area where opposition teams kick the ball to each other when an offensive drive stops and at the start of each game and half. Euan’s role would be to tackle on defence and return the ball when his team was on offence. 

Euan has impressed with his speed and ability to break tackles when he had the ball and hold tackles when he was playing defence. 

Encouraged by the feedback, Euan’s parents Paul and Paula began to take footage of Euan’s performances. They then approached The Geelong College’s Careers Department to see if there was a chance he could go to the United States.

At the end of September, the careers centre was contacted by Matthew Wade from NSR, an agency which places athletes into US colleges and high schools. 

Mr Wade contacted North Cross School in Roanoke, Virginia, a private school which is around a third of the size of The Geelong College. Six weeks after Mr Wade’s initial conversation with the Careers Department, Euan was offered a place.

“The offer I have received is an amazing opportunity and one step forward to my dream. I just can’t wait to get over there and give it all I have. My hope and dream is to be drafted in the NFL,” Euan said.

Euan’s passion, hard work and ability have taken him this far in two short years. There is every reason to believe that he will achieve that dream.

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