Students Take Lead on Nepal Expedition

On Christmas Eve, a team of Years 10 and 11 students returned from an 18-day expedition in Nepal. The team travelled backpacker style throughout the areas of Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan, soaking up the incredible culture, trekking through the Annapurna region of the Himalaya, viewing Mount Everest, and contributing to the rebuilding efforts of a school damaged via earthquakes in the medieval city of Bhaktapur. 

This was not your ordinary school camp or tour. This expedition was 100% student-led. Preparations began in March as the team of students designed an itinerary, conducted travel simulation days at the You Yangs, raised funds for a community service project and developed skills of leadership, communication and budget management that would be soon put to use.

Each day in Nepal, a student or group of students would be responsible for leading the group. Nothing was pre-booked, so these responsibilities included arranging accommodation for the night, transport, logistics and navigation, deciding on locations for breakfast, lunch and dinner, ensuring the team had enough drinking water and, most importantly, managing the team budget. 

Students did both themselves and the College proud by showing resilience, perseverance, leadership skills, teamwork, confidence in travelling and being independent and self-sufficient. College programs like this student-led expedition empower young people to uncover their unique identity, develop life skills and embrace the world beyond their own borders through a combination of adventure, cultural immersion and experiential learning opportunities.

This expedition to Nepal will become a permanent addition to our College calendar every two years and is an exciting part of our commitment to student leadership development and community service. 

More information about the 2019 edition of this incredible opportunity will become available later this year.

Adrian Camm
Director of Teaching and Learning

Social Media