Locked into Learning

On Thursday 22 February, a group of Year 8 students in the Hear Hear MESH elective (English) embarked on an excursion to remember to the Old Melbourne Gaol.

It was a fabulous learning experience that linked with the elective's focus on debatable topics (capital punishment), law and order, and the way societies develop over time.

Students listened to the stories of the Old Melbourne Gaol and learnt about key moments in our cultural and social history. After the tour, they were each allocated fake names and crimes, and took part in a (slightly terrifying but very fun) role play where they were prisoners being brought into the Watch House for trial.

The Watch House was the place where felons were brought to face justice, whether arrested in the streets of Melbourne for minor misdemeanours or being brought before the court for significant crimes. To our amazement, it operated until 1994.

Thanks to Gus Boyd and Lucy Pring for accompanying us and all 22 "honourable members" (students) are to be congratulated on their fabulous behaviour.

Claire Wood
President and English Teacher

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