Young Lifesavers Thrive at State Champs

Several Geelong College students have spent the long weekend representing their clubs at the Victorian Junior Lifesaving Championships in Warrnambool.

The state championships saw Ocean Grove SLSC crowned the overall winner for the first time in its recent history. More than 1,400 junior lifesavers from 36 clubs travelled to Warrnambool to compete in the two-day event, cheered on by more than 2,000 spectators.

Among the Ocean Grove team members were College students Luke Bird, James and Charles Leahy, Will MacDonald, Ella Willson and Lulu McKewan.

Highlights for the College's competitors included:

  • Luke Bird (Ocean Grove under 11) - 3rd Surf Board Relay, 1st Surf Teams, 1st Wade Relay
  • James Leahy (Ocean Grove under 12) - 2nd Aqua Cameron Relay, 2nd Iron Man, 1st Surf Board Relay, 3rd Surf Race, 1st Surf Teams
  • Charles Leahy (Ocean Grove under 12) - 2nd Aqua Cameron Relay, 11th Iron Man
  • Will MacDonald (Ocean Grove 12) - 3rd Surf Board Relay, 1st Surf Teams
  • Ella Willson (Ocean Grove under 14) - 5th Beach Run 1km, 2nd Cameron Relay, 4th Surf Teams
  • Alex Williams (Jan Juc under 12) - 4th Surf Race
  • Joel Grigsby (Fairhaven Under 12) - 1st Aqua Cameron Relay
  • Kaitlin Russell (Jan Juc Under 10) - 4th Beach Relay
  • Jasper Atkinson (Lorne Under 13) - 2nd Aqua Cameron Relay, 6th Iron Man, 4th Surf Board Relay, 3rd Surf Board Rescue, 2nd Surf Teams
  • Thomas Greer (Ocean Grove Under 13) -  3rd Belt and Reel
  • Andie Taylor (Jan Juc Under 14) - 3rd Cameron Relay, 3rd Surf Board Relay, 1st Surf Board Rescue, 6th Tube Race
  • Jack Ellis (Jan Juc Under 13) - 3rd Surf Board Relay, 4th Beach Run 1km, 6th Beach Flags

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Thank you to Nish Paranavitana for the photos.

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