TripleR: Martian Candidate Inspires Students

Have our students just met the first woman to land on Mars?

As part of their TripleR program, Year 12s were privileged to listen to Dianne McGrath, who has been shortlisted down to the last 100 to fly to Mars in 2031. 

From more than 200,000 applications worldwide, Dianne, along with six other Australians, will find out at the end of the year if she has made the cut to the last 40, and then to the last 25.

She gave a compelling message of following your dreams and having a solution-focused mindset towards problem solving.

Over lunch with some students, Dianne also delved deeper into the science and challenges around travelling and living on Mars. Later with the Year 11s, she talked about sustainability issues associated with living on Mars. In particular, she outlined many of the challenges and potential solutions to developing a sustainable food, water, energy and oxygen supply living permanently in artificial indoor habitats in the harsh Martian conditions.

If she is chosen, the journey will take seven months and there is no return ticket!

Sic Itur Ad Astra! 

Joan Gill
Director Student Wellbeing

Social Media