Year 1 Amazing, Extraordinary, Spectacular Shoe Workshop!

This term Year 1's Inquiry explorations have centred around Amazing Shoes.

Our shared reading of Stephen Michael King’s beautiful picture book, Milli, Jack and the Dancing Cat, became the provocation for learning experiences throughout the term. This book was chosen as part of our initial focus on "Getting to Know" each other. The children became fascinated with the idea of turning plain, ordinary shoes into something quite extraordinary, if you just add a little imagination and creativity.

On Wednesday morning, 21 March, all Year 1 children had the opportunity to decorate their very own pair of shoes in celebration of our learning and to express our passion for extraordinary shoes.

Mums, dads, grandparents and special friends came along to the Pavilion to support their child in decorating a pair of shoes with lots of wonderful, weird and wacky embellishments! The decorative process proved to be serious fun, where young and older imaginations and creativity came alive. Our learning continues with a wondering – "Where will my Amazing, Spectacular, Extraordinary Shoes take me tomorrow?"

Kristen Jones

Social Media