Girls' Footy Team Lines Up in Regional Comp

Our Years 5/6 Girls' AFL team showed great enthusiasm, teamwork and determination in the Gala girls' football day at Barwon Reserve on Thursday 26 April.

Our co-captains Millie Taylor and Sophie Roderick led our team, demonstrating effective ball-handling skills and encouraging great team spirit. Michaela Payne played with courage after copping a kick in the shin in the first game and a bruised hand. Lexi McCann and the Koch sisters, Charlotte and Maddie, were very quick in getting the ball and moving it forward to our advantage. 

It was a wonderful day where we proudly finished with three wins, a draw and three losses, coming 16th overall in a competitive line-up of 23 teams. Special thanks to Jack Henderson and Matt Dowling for their tactical moves and decisions as coaches.

Paula Wilson

Social Media