Year 7s Challenge Parents to 'Escape'

Last Thursday evening, parents of the Year 7 Learning to Learn group were locked in rooms, had their hands chained, or sent around the Middle School looking for clues as the final event of the elective Escape Room – Breakout!

The Year 7 students, in groups, had created Escape Room activities which had their parents stepping out of their comfort zones and trying to think "outside the box". Their parents solved student-created puzzles and riddles, searched for clues and deciphered codes to figure out the final solution to the groups’ Escape Room experience.

The Escape Room – Breakout! is one of three electives in the new Learning to Learn course. It has been designed to encourage the development of critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication skills, all key components of our Vision for Learning. By developing an experience that involved creating a variety of unique and inventive puzzles and problems, students challenged themselves and their thinking and applied their creativity and learning about the process of "design, refine and evaluate" to their Escape Room experience.

Based on the excited buzz around the Middle School last Thursday, parents enjoyed the Escape Room experiences and their children loved sharing their learning with them.

Andrea McGucken

Social Media