Dream Collective Founder Shares Wisdom

This week The Geelong College hosted Sarah Liu, founder and CEO of The Dream Collective. As a young and ambitious entrepreneur, Sarah came to the realisation that there was a lack of professional support and development opportunities for young women entering the corporate world.

Founding The Dream Collective in 2012 to provide a platform for training, mentoring and the empowerment of young professional women, Sarah has not looked back as her business has grown exponentially and expanded across the world.

Sarah spoke to our Year 12 students with passion and energy as she shared her experience and gave advice around the importance of finding your purpose in life. She explained that the career ladder is no longer a single linear trajectory, but rather a canvas that develops through experiences, opportunities, diversity and a love of continual learning.

Her advice for young entrepreneurial people was to focus on a particular need and to develop a solution that will help others. By having this mindset of service to others, not only will you be contributing to making the world a better place, but also achieving success and lifestyle goals as by-products.

Sarah had a networking lunch with the College prefect group and spoke about leadership development, adding value, being inclusive and seeing things from a system-level perspective. She then delivered a public lecture to a large audience in the afternoon about her successes and challenges. Most inspiring was her steely determination about focusing on what you as an individual can change and have influence over, instead of getting distracted by systemic inequalities and problems.

Sarah was the first of many inspiring women we have scheduled to work with us this year as part of our Women in Leadership series. We hope you can join us for our future events.

Adrian Camm
Director of the Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation

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