'First Sod' Turned for Redevelopment

On Wednesday, we celebrated a momentous occasion in the history of Campbell House with a ceremony acknowledging the beginning of our redevelopment. 

From inside the walls of the Early Learning 3A, Mrs Kelly shared the following words of wisdom from two of our students when watching a presentation of what the ceremony would be about:
"Hi Sondra, we were reading your social story on the Sod Turning Ceremony this morning. We were having a chat about it and a lovely comment came about:
Madeleine – What is a ceremony?
Aislin – It is a big deal!"

Aislin is correct, it certainly was a big deal and has created much excitement, wondering and reflection by our students and staff. We were joined by Geelong College students from our past, present and future. It was an occasion to reflect upon our past, acknowledge that our school has looked differently over the years and continues to progress into the future. 

Corinna Eccles, a Wadawurrung Traditional Owner, together with Norm Stanley, Welcomed us to Country and facilitated a traditional Smoking Ceremony. All members of the ceremony part took in walking through the smoke as an inclusive gesture of us all walking together.

The children enjoyed parents taking part also. It was a very spiritual experience. Dr Miller shared the significant links in our redevelopment with the naming of our Multi-Purpose Room as "Wayaperree", the Wathaurong name for "meeting place" and the connection of our architect, John Wardle, being a past student of Campbell House with strong connections to our school. A philosophy to respect our past by retaining our original classrooms and developing exciting new buildings designed around our Reggio Emilia approach to education.

Our students are looking forward to the diggers arriving, which won’t be too far off.

Sondra Wood

Social Media