Fyans Park PS Takes Out College Challenge

It’s that time of the year once again… The Geelong College Challenge time! And what a great day it was. On Tuesday, 20 teams of Year 6 students from primary schools as far afield as Colac came together to compete in the 25th Geelong College Challenge.

Students worked throughout the day in teams of four, undertaking a range of different tasks including working with and nutting out codes, programming a robotic vehicle to follow a set course in the technology challenge, crunching the numbers in the maths challenge and running and sweating it out in the sports challenge.

The day culminated with each team building a fully functioning bottle rocket which was then put through a series of launches on the oval. Astoundingly, even though each group was working with the exact same materials and operating under the same conditions, the rockets managed to cover distances from 5 metres through to more than 50 metres!

There were lots of "oooohs" and "ahhhs", and students getting sprayed as their craft took to the skies, one of which nearly collided with the groundsman working on the centre of the oval!

All in all, it was a busy, fun, creative and productive day. Well done to all students and staff alike for their enthusiasm and good cheer. A big congratulations to the students from Fyans Park Primary School, who were successful in taking home the silverware, their school’s name to be engraved on the cup. Wonderful experiences to be remembered for years to come.

Chris Morgan

Social Media