Middle School Dives into Marine Biology

On Tuesday 29 May, marine biologist Dr Andy Lewis and Papua New Guinea diver Lorie Pipiga spent the day with us, sharing their knowledge and stories with Years 4, 5, 6 and 7 students throughout the day. The Enviro SRC group and Year 8 Marine Biology elective students also heard from our guests.

Andy and Lorie spoke about coral reefs. They shared:

  • How special they are, with so many different animals co-existing in an ecosystem, and how lucky the Year 8 students are to have the chance to see the reef through the annual Lizard Island study programs;
  • Where coral reefs are found, including the fact that there are a lot more reefs out there than just the Great Barrier Reef;
  • The threats they are facing, both globally from climate change, and locally in places like Papua New Guinea from over-fishing;
  • What the students can do to help, and what we are doing to help the Coral Sea Foundation with their training programs and marine reserves; and,
  • The work being done by Andy and his team in order to set up precious marine reserves.

You can see more about the work these scientists are doing at the Coral Reef Foundation website.

Leanne Russell

Social Media