Year 9 Art Exhibition and Fundraiser

This Semester, the two Year 9 Art classes have undertaken a collaborative project that would both give their work a focus outside the classroom and give back to their community. 

They set out to create a series of 26 hand-coloured linocut prints of Australian birds. Together, they were to create an alphabet of Australian birds. The aims of the project were twofold:

  • To have an exhibition of the 26 prints at the end of the semester, and to sell this work to raise funds in support of a worthy environmental cause.
  • To use the 26 prints in a hand-printed alphabet book to be presented to the College Junior School Library.

The semester is now drawing to a close, and the students’ work is coming to fruition.

They would like to invite you to their exhibition. It will be held in the Guild Gallery, here at College, on Thursday June 7, between 4pm and 7 pm.

It seemed logical to donate any proceeds from the sale of the artworks to an organisation whose charter is the welfare of our avian friends, so we decided on Birdlife Australia, a group devoted to preserving native bird species through a range of advocacies. These include identifying and conserving key biodiversity areas throughout Australia, especially those that safeguard the habitats of our endangered species.

All 26 prints will be for sale. However, we only have time to produce one of each, so unfortunately we cannot sell multiple copies of the same print.

The students would very much appreciate you finding the time to support their initiative in this project next Thursday afternoon.

Greg Smith
Teacher of Art, Design and Creative Arts

Social Media