Local Plot Projects Come to Fruition

Last Friday the Year 4 students celebrated the end of their "Plot to Local Pizza and Salad Project" by harvesting their own food, making pizzas and sharing their learning with a very large number of parents. The value of eating locally grown produce was a major focus.

For this project, the students were put into groups, given a garden bed and set the challenge of growing enough food to make a pizza and a salad in 12 weeks. Along the way there had been some spectacular successes and some considerable failures, but in every case much was learnt about the challenges of growing food, the value of eating fresh food and the benefits of local produce.

Wheat was sourced (via the Dennis family farm) from Birregurra; ham and salami from the Barwon Heads butcher (courtesy of the Leakes) and cheeses were from Warrnambool.

The weather was spectacular. After the students harvested their food, prepared their salads and cooked their pizzas in our wood-fired oven, it was time to sit down and share. The students had prepared their picnic spaces by deftly folding rugs to represent (mostly) congruent pizza slices and then, using the best manners they could muster, they shared their food and their reflections on what had been learnt throughout the project.

A brilliant end to an interesting and engaging adventure.

Will Johnston
Year 4 Learning Mentor

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