Celebration of Aboriginal Culture and Nature

Last week Junior School held its second annual Ngarrweereeng Day to celebrate the end of National Reconciliation Week.

This immersive day saw students and teachers dress in the colours of the Aboriginal flag to participate in a range of cultural activities and ceremonies. Highlights were the Welcome to Country and smoking ceremony with Corrina Eccles and Norm Stanley, with didgeridoo-playing and storytelling around the fire.

This beautiful welcome was followed by campfire cooking, storytelling, music, art, barefoot walking, mindfulness and yoga. All experiences were designed to deepen children’s understanding of aspects of Aboriginal culture, while connecting children to the land and natural environment on which we play and learn each day. 

EL4 children reflected on their day:
I loved it because it was the best thing in the whole world. Singing around the fire and playing all the games was fun.
I liked it when we made the damper because it was so delicious! 
I was smashing rocks and I loved colouring the rocks with clay and making the trail.  
I loved listening to the didgeridoo.
I could smell the fire.
Norm told us a story about the moon. It was a very old story. The story was about the sun and the moon and the stars and it was a beautiful story. 
Norm knew the story because his dad told him and his dad’s dad told his dad.

Ros Molyneux
Director of Early Learning

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