Year 7s Do as the Romans Do

The culmination of Semester 1 saw Year 7s engaged in an Ancient Roman program for the day.

Students were dressed up in traditional costumes and experienced a range of activities including: The creation of a traditional abacus using mathematical concepts, launching a catapult, and assessing the scientific effect on the projectile path of different objects. 

Students worked in teams in a "Roman Cavalry Challenge" where they had to interpret Ancient Roman signalling messages to carry out team challenges. They were taken back in time when they experienced a taste of the Ancient Latin language and engaged in art paintings on plaster tablets and ceramic creations of oil burners.

Our medieval guest presenters demonstrated the finer techniques of Roman warriors and gladiators which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Well done, Year 7 students.

Paula Wilson
Years 7&8 History/Geography Coordinator

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