The Making of a Mentor

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get.”

Seeking out a mentor can be daunting business, especially for someone early in their career and still finding their way.

The OGCA’s Geelong College Connect website is making it easier for Old Collegians to find and make contact with potential mentors, with more than 850 OGCs willing to be a mentor.

Rob Vickers-Willis (OGC 1977) has had more mentoring experience than most. As the General Manager of Learning and Development at Marshall White in Melbourne, he’s passionate about the personal and professional development of his real estate sales agents. He also mentors 15 future company leaders. 

“I’ve created a path where I’ve embraced continual learning, and if I wasn’t in real estate, I think in my younger years I would have loved to be a school teacher. So it’s great now, more so in the last 15 years, it’s been a passion of mine to mentor, educate and help those around me to learn and be challenged,” Rob said.

“I look at each individual as a whole, so it’s not just real estate skills, it’s also life skills, it might include time management, life balance, also mindfulness. I’d like to give everyone the opportunity to grow and learn, and also to get out of their comfort zone.”

Rob also speaks about his early mentoring experiences, and has some valuable tips for anyone looking to become a mentor or mentee. Turn to page 43 of the June 2018 Ad Astra College community magazine to read the full story.

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