Senior and Middle School Leaders Unite

Student leaders from Senior and Middle Schools have come together for a fun session of team-building and leadership activities.

The College's Year 12 Prefects travelled to Middle School on Monday 23 July, building on a visit to assembly by College Co-Captains Mimmi Balaam and Lachlan Sutherland in Term 2.

"Last term Mimmi and I spoke at assembly and had a bit to do with the Middle School so I thought it would be great to increase this cross-school involvement and give the SRC students some insight to Senior School and leadership," Lachlan said.

The Senior School leaders talked about the Senior School Prefect system and the various tasks they had been responsible for this year. The SRC students also shared some of the projects they had been working on at Middle School, before breaking into the three SRC teams for a team-building game. 

The group then split into smaller groups to practice persuasive speaking. "I also wanted to share some useful tips that I received at the start of the year about how to implement change in the form of enrolling people in an idea to get support and get the idea off the ground," Lachlan said.

"I think the session worked well and gave the students something to take away and perhaps something to aspire to."

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