TripleR: Stay Safe, Look After Each Other & Plan Ahead

Drug and alcohol expert Paul Dillon returned to College yesterday to talk to students in Years 10, 11 and 12, before presenting to a group of interested parents in the evening. 

Paul continually adapts his presentations to address some of the pressing issues for our young people. As well as looking after friends who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, Paul spoke candidly of the difficult area of consent. His warnings to both boys and girls around the possible lifelong ramifications of making poor decisions supports the work undertaken in TripleR sessions throughout the year. The students see Paul as frank, honest, trustworthy, authoritative and genuinely caring for their wellbeing.

Parents who attended the evening Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation session came away with some very clear messages around how to set limits for their teenage children, as well as negotiate the vexed issues around safe partying. Further information and the latest research can be found by going to Paul's website, Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia, and Facebook page.

Joan Gill
Director of Student Wellbeing 

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