Girls Choose Maths

A group of Years 10-12 female maths students learnt more about careers in maths at a special CHOOSEMATHS event run by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute at Melbourne University on Friday 17 August.

Students heard from industry professionals about how maths plays a vital role in their careers and their own unique journeys through the high school and university years. The presenters are all ambassadors of AMSI and represent a broad range of careers and industries, including medical research, astrophysics, football analysis, chemical engineering and marketing. The students had an opportunity to ask questions and meet the new maths ambassadors in person at the end of the presentations.

The CHOOSEMATHS project aims to increase numbers of students in STEM courses, as well as highlight the importance of girls choosing maths for Australia's future. STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Maths, and we were reminded that the first three ALL require maths.

Some of our students' reflections on the day include:
It was really worthwhile as I got a great insight into different careers that I had not considered.
It enabled me to see how maths can help in many different careers and take on many different paths.
The presentation that stood out the most to me was the astrophysicist, who told us that a triangle doesn’t always add up to 180 degrees - was interesting!
It was really inspiring to see how many other girls our age are interested in a career in STEM.

Liz Smith
Head of Mathematics (Acting)

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