College Leaders Support Disadvantaged VCE Students

Senior students from The Geelong College have been raising funds through APS Sport activities to enable gifted and talented VCE students from disadvantaged backgrounds to participate in the Skyline Education Foundation program next year.

Skyline is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to empower VCE students to thrive through education and personal growth in a caring community. 

Skyline CEO Jane Sydenham-Clarke said "we are so impressed by school leaders like Lachlan Sutherland and Mimmi Balaam, School Captains of Geelong College who have shown a deep sense of compassion and drive to make a difference for those whose circumstances, beyond their control, create barriers to realising their full potential".

Lachlan Sutherland is pictured with Luke Soulos, Executive Officer of APS Sport, presenting Annie Harper from Skyline with $17,000 to support three students for one year in the Skyline Program. The 11 APS schools combined to raise the funds through various activities at their respective schools.

"The Skyline Education Foundation provides unique opportunities by empowering VCE students to overcome challenges that limit their potential and to maximise their abilities, finish school, transition to tertiary education and start a rewarding career. Our APS School Captains, students and school communities were only too pleased to support such a worthy cause in 2018," Luke Soulos said.

Ms Sydenham Clarke said, "this year 198 students will have graduated from Skyline, having completed their VCE studies, with 100% transitioning to tertiary studies or careers of their choice. Comprehensive benefits over the final two years of a student’s schooling include financial support for textbooks, uniform and school levy reimbursement and excursion fees. Personal growth is enabled through development mentorship, workshops and residential camps, all of which are undertaken outside school hours as part of the extensive Skyline experience".

Next year, 93 students will be participating in Skyline across 23 schools, including in Geelong.

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