Boarding has been integral to the fabric and culture of The Geelong College since its inception in 1861. Our two very comfortable boarding houses, Mossgiel (girls) and Mackie (boys) are home to a diverse and inclusive community which includes students from country Victoria and New South Wales, the coastal towns surrounding Geelong, and from Melbourne, as well as international students from Thailand, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Laos. Boarders are accepted from Year 7 to Year 12.

The boarders are in the care of fully qualified and passionate boarding staff who look after the students  like their own family with care, compassion and discipline. Staff encourage students to become more independent and to challenge themselves in their studies, school activities and in their social life. Each week night, boarders have two hours of study time when they work undistracted on homework, projects or revision. Qualified academic tutors provide learning support during this time, and House Tutors are available for additional guidance.

Boarding life at the College is designed to develop independence and to foster collaboration. There is structure in daily routines such as study time, sporting activities, Sunday outings and programs, and social gatherings, but boarders are also afforded flexibility and freedom throughout the week to arrange their own activities and personal priorities.

Most boarders see their families regularly. How often depends on the distance from school they live, and how busy they are with sport, study and other activities. Families quickly become involved with other families at the College, both day and boarding, particularly through the many activities of their children. The Boarding Parents’ Support group also serve as a great resource for families and help organise various functions.

Benefits of boarding

  • Academic tutoring

  • Supervised study time each evening (social media and phones are not allowed)

  • Supportive and dynamic academic environment

  • New and diverse friendships

  • Developing independence

  • Convenient for sports training and other co-curricular activities

  • Quality family time

To find out more information about boarding please contact our Admissions Manager, Kristen Wiadrowski on (03) 5226 3190 or at

Video: Boarding at Geelong College
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