Christian Ethos
christian ethos

The Geelong College is a Uniting Church School where we seek to prepare young men and women to be leaders who are able to connect the Christian faith, their personal spirituality and their planned contribution to our world.

Through our Chapel Services, Religious Education curriculum, pastoral care, and community connection programs all members of our school community can explore and celebrate faith within a Christian environment which is supportive and relevant. We value the understandings of loving God and loving one another; and of being whole-heartedly committed to social justice, community service, and compassionate leadership. We also acknowledge, respect and celebrate the diversity of all individuals and their cultures; embracing all people as vital and valued members of society.

The College provides an education which engages the body, soul and spirit; encouraging students to embrace every aspect of the human journey including academic, physical, creative, spiritual, emotional and social endeavors. We believe in inspiring and encouraging young people to learn, grow, mature, find their place, and to contribute to the world around them with care, innovation, passion, commitment and a sense of community. Our students are encouraged to critically assess the values offered to them and then choose for themselves positive pathways of thought, word and action.

Our school purposefully promotes a commitment to the service of others and a responsibility for the environment. We encourage students to be involved in community service outside the school and celebrate the learning outcomes from these activities.

While we are a Christian school, The Geelong College upholds the values of freedom and choice by respecting the rights of all people to live by other faith traditions. We encourage conversation and communication as we learn together to accept the individual beliefs of each person shaping their own convictions and commitments.

Easter Service
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Junior School Christmas Service
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