College Co-Captains

Mimmi Balaam and Lachlan Sutherland Co-Captains 2018

As we enter our final year of schooling at The Geelong College, we are presented with a fantastic opportunity as leaders, to support and contribute to this wonderful school and its wider community. It is a school that has shaped us, by encouraging us to think broadly, to try new things, to challenge ideas and to show respect and compassion to others.

We are both excited and honoured to have the privilege of this opportunity and acknowledge that there are many character qualities that this position requires, some we have now and others we will develop. Leadership is an action, not just a position. We must endeavour to lead by example through our diligence, enthusiasm and intuition.

Along with our passionate and committed Prefect group, we all understand that we are custodians of our Leadership roles and we will strive to work within the framework of our school values of Respect with Grace, Aspiration with Humility, Endeavour with Courage, Integrity with Compassion and Community with Diversity. We are very proud of the vision and Christian values of our founders and will seek to continue and improve upon the 158 years of an exceptional legacy here at The Geelong College.

At our Leadership Strategy Day that kicked off our roles in 2018, The Geelong College Prefects and House Captains were fortunate enough to hear from an inspirational community leader, Josh Wilkins. His initiative of providing a mobile shower and laundry van to assist the homeless was inspiring to learn about, particularly his method of giving a ‘hand up’ rather than ‘hand out’. We were especially motivated by Josh Wilkins’ message that affecting change cannot be done alone. We note the importance of being smart communicators and working harmoniously and collaboratively as a whole leadership team for our peers. We are excited to work with and serve all community stakeholders, including students, staff, parents and Old Collegians in our efforts to uphold the camaraderie that we all value so much.

Our school calendar is very busy, and each term we have many important and enjoyable engagements and activities to look forward to, however we are mindful about striking the right balance with our VCE studies, APS sporting commitments and leadership roles. Working collaboratively, sharing roles and responsibilities as well as reflecting and reviewing our own performances will be important measures that we can undertake, when striving to meet the many challenges that will arise throughout this year. We look forward to hearing from all Prefects, across many forums, their ideas and reflections that will contribute to making this year enjoyable, challenging, engaging and hopefully rewarding for all students across our campuses at Geelong College.

Our school provides excellence in teaching, coaching and mentoring across an enormous variety of disciplines from drama performances, music ensembles and orchestras, summer and winter sports, expeditions through rugged and spectacular landscapes, service trips to developing countries, language exchanges and show casing the highly creative designs and folios of our VCE Art and Design students. We look forward to working alongside The Geelong College community and to make a positive and significant contribution to the ongoing growth and prosperity of our school and its commitment throughout 2018.

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