College Co-Captains

Tom Page and Izzy Greer Co-Captains 2017

With the realisation that it is our final year of schooling yet to truly sink in, we recognise that as Co-Captains for 2017 we have an invaluable opportunity to contribute to The Geelong College community in the coming year. Being asked to take on this role is an honour and a privilege and we will endeavour to remain grounded, taking on the responsibility with both integrity and enthusiasm in order to have a fulfilling and prosperous year ahead. As Co-Captains of the College, we understand we need to be positive, focused, decisive and confident individuals; who are honest with their peers and fellow leaders, can communicate in effectively, and are efficient in order to serve in both a respectable, and intuitive manner.

To be a leader is to serve, and this is why service to the school is an unparalleled attribute for leaders to possess. Fittingly, we formalised our commitment to the school at the Senior School Awards Ceremony for 2016, when we, alongside our 13 fellow prefects signed a ‘Commitment to Serve’ pledging to ‘uphold the values and reputation of the school by leading with integrity, humility, courage and compassion.’

Additionally, an important part of being a leader is the ability to recognise when a task is too large to be handled alone, and we understand that is essential for a leadership group to work collaboratively and harmoniously. Throughout the course of the year it will be a privilege to work closely with our prefect group and our exceptional year 12 cohort. To do so, empathy is critical, to be able to see the point of view of fellow leaders, and also to develop an understanding for the needs and desires of all those in the broader College community - staff, students, parents, Old Collegians and friends alike. The camaraderie built within our community, across the many aspects of the College life, is important to everyone associated with The Geelong College and we will strive to ensure it remains a fundamental aspect of the school.

Balancing the academic work load of VCE studies, our extracurricular interests such as APS sporting pursuits, and our leadership responsibilities will ensure that 2017 will be an eventful and notable journey for both of us. However with the challenging tasks ahead, we rest reassured with the knowledge that we will be supported by our School Prefect group, House Prefects and our rich class of 2017, all of whom are integral in shaping our College, and our community for the better.

The opportunities that the next four terms hold before us all are to be embraced and enjoyed, with many invaluable experiences just around the corner. The year to come will undoubtedly be filled with many challenges, which we will strive to relish and learn from, to shape us for the better, solidifying this year as a memorable part of our lives. It is through the integrity, respect and optimistic nature of the students and staff, that the College thrives as such a remarkable environment for the education and development of young people. The opportunity to be the co-captains for 2017 is a unique honour through which we aspire to make a difference. We look forward to being a part of it with you in the coming year.

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